This is some of the press coverage that Dr. Wilson has received in recent years.

Chrysalis An Evening of Magic and Superstition

Dr. Wilson performs the Chrysalis escape for the people of Rumford, Maine's Capital of Magic, at An Evening of Magic and Superstition!
Lewiston Sun Journal, 4/11/2007
Lewiston Sun Journal, 4/16/2007

Perilous Garden The Perilous Garden

Dr. Wilson walked barefoot though a path strewn with bone-crushing animal traps while blindfolded for The Perilous Garden!
Mount Desert Islander, 6/1/2006
Bar Harbor Times, 6/1/2006
The Linking Ring (published by the International Brotherhood of Magicians), July 2006

Ladder of Swords Ellsworth Family Holiday Festival

Hear Dr. Wilson pitch his magic, Ladder of Swords and Chrysalis escape, then hear him interviewed after the show!
WNSX, Before the Show (audio), 12/11/2005
WNSX, After the Show (audio), 12/11/2005

Chrysalis Wilson & Dark's
Traveling Carnival & Theater of Marvels
( Worldwide Escape Artist Relay)

The Mount Desert Islander visits Dr. Wilson at home before the Worldwide Escape Artist Relay. Hear the startled hosts at WERU as Dr. Wilson reveals the Feejee Mermaid on radio!
Mount Desert Islander, 10/19/2005
WERU (audio), 10/28/2005

Dr. Wilson's Flea Circus Dr. Wilson's Flea Circus

Dr. Wilson's Flea Circus appears at Bar Harbor's Legacy of the Arts Festival, with guest star Ses Carny!
Bar Harbor Times, 6/16/2005
Bar Harbor Times, 6/30/2005

Against The Tide Against the Tide/Fiddle and Chains

Dr. Wilson escapes being chained to the ocean floor with borrowed padlocks as the tide comes in.
Mount Desert Islander, 6/3/2004
Mount Desert Islander, 6/9/2004
Bar Harbor Times, 6/17/2004

Mask The Longest Night 2003

Dr. Wilson hosts a grand party for the Winter Solstice.
Mount Desert Islander, 12/18/2003
Mount Desert Islander, 12/25/2003

Elixir Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir

Dr. Wilson pitches elixir on Maine Public Radio!
Maine Public Radio (audio), 3/14/2002

Society of American Magicians

Dr. Wilson is a Associate Member of the Society of American Magicians, the oldest magic society in the world.

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